Digital Portfolio

Website Authoring, Animations
& Multimedia Samples

Digital Portfolio

Website Authoring, Animations, and Multimedia Samples

Website Designs

Web design and programming is a relatively new addition to my skill set. Having no real programming experience, most of the sites I have created are fairly static, and created within a plethora of web authoring software (noted by the small logos in the corner of each image). but showcase good design. Here I picked the most recent of what I have to display. Select any project for a closer look in a pop up lightbox.

Animations and Video

Video whiteboard and splash animations are a relatively new skill set for me. I have not been working with these for very long, but utilize specialized software to make my designs come to life, and add flare to any presentation or website. I have very few samples of these thus far, but will continue to add more as I progress this skill and increase client usage.